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The Role of a Professional Property Manager

21 January 2013

While most home buyers spend a lot of time and effort researching potential investment properties, many are surprisingly uneducated when it comes to the role of their professional property manager. Despite what some people might think, a property manager does much more than collect rent. A good property manager will play a vital role in…

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How to start a career in Property Management

19 January 2013

Starting a career in property management within Brisbane is both challenging and rewarding. This job has many responsibilities and requires certain qualifications. Below are the things to consider when becoming a property manager: Qualifications You will need to check for any requirements to becoming a property manager within your state. In Queensland for example, managers…

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The Shift in Australia’s Property Market

04 December 2012

In the days before the Easter break, more than 2000 properties were put up for sale all around the country. Why is this? Well, it seems that Australia’s property market has experienced a rare shift that only happens once in a generation. According to reports, banks all around the country are going to notice a…