Buyers Agent
25 August 2015

One of the first questions you find yourself asking when getting into property investment is: “Should I hire a buyer’s agent?” There are a few factors to consider when making this decision, but going ahead with a buyer’s agent (or ‘advocate’) turns out to be the best choice in most cases. Here are five reasons we believe this is a good idea for anyone wanting to invest seriously in property.

1. They Can Help You Make the Best Property Decisions

Whether you are purchasing your first investment property or your fifth, you simply quite often don’t have the up-to-date expertise and dedicated experience that a buyer’s agent does. An agent that lives and breathes property investment is the perfect professional to have on your side when making the tricky decisions you need to make. What kind of property would be best? Where is an ideal location? What figure should you aim for? These are the types of questions where their wisdom and insider knowledge proves invaluable.

2. They Know All the Tricks

For every house or apartment you have inspected, a buyer’s advocate has most likely seen a hundred. As a result, they know exactly what to look for in a property, as well as what makes a suburb – or even a street – a good one. They are also across the tactics sellers use and the intricacies of how auctions play out, which gives them (and you) an upper hand when a property purchase comes down to the wire.

3. They Will Save You Time, Money (and Stress)

Negotiations and auctions are high-stress situations. They can also be extremely time-consuming. Having a buyer’s agent on your team will leave you with more free time to focus on other things, such as inspecting properties of interest – or just relaxing on the weekend! Having a professional to represent you at crucial moments can also save you a lot of stress, which is a particularly valuable benefit for people who panic or make hasty decisions under pressure. They will also determine the true value of the property, so you can purchase with confidence that you are paying what it is worth, or quite often, less than its intrinsic value.

4. They Have Access to More Options

Buyer’s agents often have access to more properties than the everyday person has access to. If the ideal property for your budget is being advertised through conventional channels, the buyer’s advocate can undertake the extensive due diligence as well as negotiating the purchase on your behalf. Quite often, they are also are made aware of new opportunities before the general public, allowing them to get in early on your behalf.

 5. They Can Level the Playing Field

Today’s real estate market is stacked in favour of sellers. Going into property investment is already daunting enough without the knowledge that the selling agent holds most of the power. With their expertise, negotiating skills, and industry experience, a buyer’s agent can make the fight a little fairer for you – or even turn the tables completely in some cases.

At Templeton Property, our buyer’s agents go above and beyond to secure the best outcomes for our clients. Discover more about how our buyer’s advocates can assist you or call us today on 07 3368 1988 or Sam Price directly on 0418 159 993 to discuss your needs.