Is it worth having professsional photography for my rental property? Sam Price from Templeton Property answers this question.
19 July 2018

Professional photography is something that many owners only consider when they are looking at selling their property and this option is often disregarded as a waste of money when they are listing their property for rent. I’m here to tell you that it is one of the best ways you can promote your property for rent and for an investment of between $120-$160 it is becoming almost essential.

Here’s why:


Across most markets we work in throughout Brisbane, the current rental market is competitive and prospective tenants have an abundance of choice of properties to lease. Why would they choose your property over another? Whilst I can provide you with a list of the key things tenants look for in a new home (call or email me to get a copy), they aren’t even going to focus on your property as they skim through the properties for rent unless your property POP’S and stands out from the crowd. And with the way the major real estate search platforms are promoting properties now, all the prospective tenant is seeing is 1 Photo – that’s it, no title or even the catch phrase. It’s like tinder, you have one photo, one picture to attract their attention and have them click on the link to the full description and additional photo’s.

I call it the Money Shot – the lead photo should be the best photo that attracts people to want to know more.

Highlights Your Properties Best Features

The other photos are the ones that show off the best features of the property and include the kitchen, bathrooms, views, outdoor areas and bedrooms etc. A professional photographer has the equipment and more importantly, they know how to frame the shot, adjust the lighting, staging and we’re now seeing the photographers sending the pictures overseas for editing and finalisation before being returned to us all within 24 hours for the shoot. All this helps your property receive more interest and in turn reducing the days on market which means more $ in your pocket.

Well Worth The investment

For a cost of between $120 – $160 for a set of 8-15 professional pictures (often 8 is enough), you have photographs that:

  • You can use over and over again when advertising your property for lease for years to come;
  • You can also use the photographs to advertise the property for sale –  if your plans change;
  • The cost is tax deductable;
  • If your property rents for $500 per week, each day it’s vacant is costing you $71.43. Your property only has to lease 2 days earlier than it would have previously and you’ll be ahead.

Thought of a Video?

As the cost of professional video’s decreases and the competition increases, we’ll going to see a lot more videos of properties for lease to the point that within a couple of years – every property will be advertised in video format


We highly recommend professional photography as we believe it really does assist in leasing your property sooner.




If you’re interested in learning more about how professional photography can help you rent your property, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Written by Sam Price – Director at Templeton Property.

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