How often can a routine inspection be undertaken of my investment property?

08 May 2017

Hello, and thanks for joining us today for Property Management Q&A with Sam Price from Templeton Property. Today, we’ll be answering the question ‘How often can a routine inspection be undertaken of my investment property?’.

Well first of all, what is a routine inspection? Well, a routine inspection is an inspection undertaken of your investment property, on behalf of your property manager, to look at two different things

First of all, it’s to ensure that the current tenants are looking after the property in accordance with the general tenancy agreement and the legislation. The second reason why an inspection is undertaken is to keep an eye on and to look out for any repairs and maintenance that may be required; and also any health and safety issues, or potential issues, that need to be addressed.

Legislation dictates to us how often we can undertake these inspections. The legislation states that not more than one inspection can be undertaken in any three-month period. Therefore, the maximum number of inspections that can be undertaken in a 12 month, a one-year period, is four. Four is the maximum number allowed in any 12 month period.

Notice has to be given to a tenant with at least seven days’ notice of an upcoming routine inspection. That’s given on an RTA Form 9, entry notice form. Routine inspections usually take between 15 – 20 minutes to undertake. Tenants are not required to be home while we do the inspection, but they’re most welcome to be, if they would like to be present.

We always let the owners know when a routine inspection is coming up, because we like them to come along. For those owners that can’t make it regularly, we recommend they try to attend at least once a year, just to keep an eye on the property. Its helps them know what we’re talking about with regards to maintenance and repairs, and future planning for that property.

A report and colour photographs is provided to the owner, shortly after the inspection is undertaken. We’re happy to discuss any issues, or proposed maintenance, or strategic renovation or plans they have for the property at that time. I hope this helps and thanks for joining us today. I’m Sam Price from Templeton Property, Brisbane’s favourite property manager and buyer’s agent.

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