What Is A Lease Renewal Process?

19 February 2020

Hi, Sam here from Templeton Property and today I’d like to discuss – What Is A Lease Renewal Process? This process starts three months out from the end date of the current lease. That’s when we contact both the tenants and the owners to find out what their intentions are. Sometimes the owner says they’re…


How to work out a Gross Rental Yield

06 November 2019

Hi, Sam here from Templeton Property and today we’re going to briefly discuss – How to work out a Gross Rental Return. The gross rental return or gross yield is a very useful figure in understanding an investment property quickly. When we are out there looking at investment properties as a Brisbane Buyers Agent we…


What is a Rental Bond?

18 February 2019

Hi, I’m Sam Price and today we’re answering the question, “What is a residential bond?” Essentially a residential bond is the financial security paid by the tenants, for the benefit of the landlord and held by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) for the duration of the lease. The bond, which isn’t essential but highly recommended…

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What Are The New Queensland Smoke Alarm Laws?

04 November 2016

The Queensland Government has just passed the Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Bill 2016. This bill commence on 1 January 2017 and are to be phased in over a 10 year period. From commencement, if an existing smoke alarm needs to be replaced, it is to be replaced by a photoelectric smoke alarm.…

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What are the fees and costs in having a professional Property Manager look after your investment property in Brisbane?

11 April 2014

The current day professional Property Manager is almost unrecognizable as compared to their predecessor of only 10 to 20 years ago. They are well trained in all aspects of tenancy law, property maintenance, trust accounting and most importantly, have highly developed interpersonal skills which is required daily in managing not only the investment properties of…