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Tips on Tenant Selection

01 November 2013

We have all heard the horror stories about nightmare tenants. No one wants tenants who attract rats because they do not clear up their rubbish or leave rotten food or dirty clothes under the bed for months at a time. The trouble is, how can you ever really know what the people are like who want to rent your property?

When it comes to selecting good tenants for your property, you want to find respectable, honest people who are going to pay their rent on time and keep the house in good working order. There are people out there who will do all those things, you just need to find them. One of the best ways to seek out the perfect tenant is to employ a property manager to do the hard work for you. They will come and visit your property and evaluate how much rent they think you should be charging. A decent property manager will understand the market and know what will attract a good tenant, so they might also suggest you make a few home improvements in order to make your property more appealing. Property managers are also responsible for marketing your property correctly and screening any prospective tenants. The screening process is extremely important, as it allows your property manager to investigate any interested tenants, undertake the appropriate checks and obtain references from employers or former managing agents.

Templeton Property is a Brisbane property management and buyer’s agent company. The dedicated and experienced staff employed at Templeton Property understand the importance of finding the right tenants, as many of the staff themselves are property investors themselves. As part of their excellent service, Templeton carry out regular routine inspections of your property on your behalf. As the owner, you will also be invited to attend these inspections as well as receiving a full detail Routine Inspection Report with maintenance and improvement recommendations and any information you may require about the upkeep and condition of the property. For more information about their services or how to find the right tenant for your property, call Templeton Property on (07) 3368 1988 today.

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