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19 May 2013

Having an investment in a property and making a profit from it can be difficult on your own. A property manager can handle all of the managerial tasks for your assets. Below are some of the benefits of having a rental property management assist you within Brisbane.

Increased revenue
Property managers are able to increase the value of your investment and make it appealing to potential tenants. They will be able to conduct a proper and effective marketing strategy for the property. Property managers will know where to advertise your asset in order to attract the most targeted renters.

Property managers can screen any potential tenants and collect their rent. This will save you numerous hassles in the long run. Rental property managers make sure your tenants can cover their rent in time. Their approach to collecting payment is conducted professionally without any bias.

Proper handling of repairs and maintenance to any properties
Property managers have connections to service contractors who can maintain the building and perform any repairs needed. This includes emergency repairs such as a gas leak, flooding or roof leaks. They can also make sure the tenants are able to follow their obligations in keeping the premises and their living quarters clean.

Stress and hassle free
Property managers are able to handle the rent collection and the building maintenance as mentioned above. They are able to free the hands of any property owner in handling their investment who may not have the time due to other commitments. For example, owners might have a full-time job and choose to rent out a building they own to receive passive income. Property managers can give you more time at your disposal for more important things.

Any legal obligations are also handled by property managers, which may seem complex to anyone who is not familiar with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). They can handle the necessary paperwork and documentation, including the home inspections done quarterly.

Property management firm, Templeton Property, is focused on capital protection, asset growth and the annual return of your investment when you choose them to manage it. Visit their website for more information.

Sam Price

About Sam Price

Sam Price is Director and lead Buyer's Agent at Templeton Property. He has been helping client's purchase their ideal home and investment properties for over 15 years. He is a Registered Property Valuer and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (Property Studies), Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning and a Masters is Professional Accounting. Sam is married and has 2 school aged girls who keep his life very exciting.