Do I need to arrange insurance before settlement?

04 February 2020

Hi, Sam here from Templeton Property and today we’re going to briefly discuss – Do I need to arrange insurance before settlement? So, you have put in an offer for a property and its been accepted, the agent has now dated the first page of the contract, Congratulations! In Queensland from 5pm the next day,…

What does downsizing mean?

What does downsizing mean for Seniors?

31 October 2019

Whilst many seniors who own their own home wish to remain living in their home for as long as possible, there are also a large number of seniors that decide to ‘downsize’ for a variety of reasons ranging from upkeep, financial liquidity, proximity to loved ones and so on. Downsizing gives these seniors an opportunity…

Multiple hands holding a green house.

The 6 Most Essential Homebuyer Tips

28 September 2015

Your internet history is full of real-estate websites, you have property listings cut out from your local newspaper, and every ‘FOR SALE’ sign you drive past catches your eye. There is no doubt about it: you are looking to become a homebuyer. This is one big step no one wants to trip on, so here…