What are the 4 types of bank Valuations?

26 July 2022

Hi, Sam here from Templeton Property and today I’d like to discuss – What are the 4 types of bank Valuations?

When you approach a bank in relation to borrowing money to purchase a home or investment property in Brisbane, the bank will need to determine the value of any other properties you own, as well as confirming the value of the property that you are looking at purchasing. They have 4 different types of Valuations available to them, depending on the loan to value ratio and the amount of the new loan and equity available.

1. Automated Valuation Model – In this case the bak uses an online statistically computer programme to assess the value range for the property.

2. Desk top Valuation – In this option the Valuation is determined by a registered valuer from their desk, utilising online information available on the property and sales data.

3. Kerbside or Drive-by Valuation – In this scenario the Valuer literally drives past the property and reviews online information and sales to determine the value.

4. Full Valuation – And finally you have a full Valuation, were the Valuer will physically inspect the property, measure the improvements, review sales and provide a comprehensive report and Valuation to the bank.

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