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07 December 2013

Looking for a property to rent can be a stressful and time consuming process. But with the right tips and a good checklist, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. The following are a few things you should add to your checklist to ensure your search is an easier and more enjoyable process. Don’t be scared to have a list of questions ready to ask the property manager at the inspection.

Bring a friend

When inspecting properties in and around Brisbane, make sure you have someone with you. This could be a close friend or family member who has or is renting a property as well. Let them know what you are looking for and what you definitely do not want. Two sets of eyes are better than one and they may see or hear things you do not. They also offer an outside view and previous experience which may help with crossing off properties that are not suitable.

Ask questions

Inspections are short. Make the most of them. Ask plenty of questions and come prepared. You may even want to come with your application form ready, just in case the place you pick is perfect and in high demand.

Make enquiries about the area

If possible, do some research into the suburb. Learn where the nearest bus stop and train station is, find out where the locals shop and go for a drink on the weekend. Although not always possible, if you have the opportunity to chat to neighbours or ‘locals’, they will be the best informed to educate you on the local area that you’re considering moving into.

 Check the bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important areas of a property. A small living room can be worked around and a scratch on floorboards is also fixable, but an old, mould-ridden shower or unreliable, dirty stove is a sure sign of a bad property.

Consider growth

Will you be starting a family in the next few years? Do you want a pet soon? Think about what may change in the next year or two and judge each property based on how you and your family or household may grow. If you are planning kids, you will need a spare bedroom. If you want a pet, you need to find a property that allows this.

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Sam Price

About Sam Price

Sam Price is Director and lead Buyer's Agent at Templeton Property. He has been helping client's purchase their ideal home and investment properties for over 15 years. He is a Registered Property Valuer and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (Property Studies), Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning and a Masters is Professional Accounting. Sam is married and has 2 school aged girls who keep his life very exciting.