Does a real estate agent need to disclose if a property is flood affected?
21 February 2023

Welcome to Property 101 and today we’ll answer the question – Does a real estate agent need to disclose if a property is flood affected?

Surprisingly, there is actually no specific legislation that requires the seller or their agent to disclose to the buyer whether or not a property is flood affected. Therefore the onus is on the buyer to undertake their own due diligence.

A flood search can be done quite easily via the councils web site and I always recommend you look at the overall flood map for the area, as well as the specific property flood report. The reason being, although the property you’re looking at may not be flood affected, the neighbouring property or even the foot path may be affected. Another reason to review the Brisbane flood map is although the flood report provides historical flood information, the flood maps go a step further and show where potential flooding and overland flow could occur, hence these maps are invaluable. How to check if a property is flood affected in Brisbane.

Even though the agent may not volunteer this information, they do have a duty not to engage in deceptive or misleading conduct. Therefore, I would suggest always asking the agent if the property is flood affected, before doing your own due diligence. All the best!

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