Application Process

  1. Ensure the General Tenancy Agreement, Terms and any Special Terms have been viewed by you.
  2. Complete one Application Form per person. Children may be included on a Parent or Guardian’s Application. Tenancy Application Form V311213
  3. Include evidence of your income eg. Pay slip or if self employed, a letter of income verification from your Accountant, Centerlink documents, Scholarship documents.
  4. Provide and attach photocopies of documents required to meet 100 points of identification as the guide shows below. Please note this Agency cannot provide photocopying services.
  5. Submit your application either in person or via email.
  6. Take 5 and we’ll be back to you as swiftly as we possibly can.

Application Guidelines

Please Note:

  • An application is to be completed by each adult who will be living at the premises.
  • Each applicant will be jointly and severally liable for the General Tenancy Agreement
  • No documents will be returned, so please supply only copies (you keep the originals)
  • We prefer all applicants to physically inspect the property internally prior to being approved

100 Points of Identification

We require 100 points of Identification before we can begin processing your your application. Your 100 points must include one piece of photo identification and can be in the form of the following:

Passport 40 points

Drivers License 30 points

Proof of Age Card 20 points

Other Documents on which your name & address 20 points


Car registration certificate; Rates notice; Gas/Electricity account;

Bank/Credit card statement; Telephone account;

Pension/Student card; ATO assessment notice; Medicare Card etc.

Proof of Current and Previous Residence and Rental Reference

This information can be in the form of:

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Written reference
  • Tenant ledger from previous owner/agent

Note: A copy of the tenant ledger will be required if available and we will require the contact details of the previous rental references.

Income Sources

To provide proof of your sources of income, we require documentation such as:

  • Copies of pay slips
  • Bank Statements
  • Employment agreement
  • Letter of parental support
  • Centrelink statements
  • Letter from accountant
  • Group certificate
  • Scholarship paperwork

Common Questions

As your Application is a high priority, we will endeavour to have an answer to you within 48 hours of approval, but will advise you if it will be longer due to delays in reaching your contacts.

Information verification by our agency

To verify your Application information we contact Tenancy Databases eg TICA/NTD. If you have had a problem with a previous Tenancy, please discuss the circumstances with us. We also contact your Employer/HR Manager, current & previous Agent/Lessor and personal referees.

If application is accepted

If your Application is accepted by the Lessor, you are required to pay an amount equivalent to two (2) weeks rent and/or the full Bond amount and sign the General Tenancy Agreement within 24 hours of notification of acceptance.

If application is not accepted

If your Application is not accepted by the owner, it will be retained for two (2) weeks before being destroyed securely to comply with Privacy Legislation.

Rent payment method options

Direct Debit is the accepted rent payment method. Payments by cash are not allowed.

If application is approved

A fully completed application, with all the required identification and supporting documentation, will generally be processed in 1-3 business days. Please note that if someone is applying with you as a joint tenant, we do not start processing until we have received a complete application package from all the other joint tenants. Delays in processing may be encountered where we have difficulty in contacting your references, where there are multiple applications on the property, or in contacting the landlord for approval.

Connection of utilities application form (PDF)

By completing our Agency Utility Connection form (available below and from the “Tenant Forms & Documents” section of this web site), we are able to arrange a utilities connection company to contact you about connecting services including:

  • Power Connection
  • Gas Connection (if applicable)
  • Phone Connection
  • Pay TV

Direct Connect Service


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