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Our Aim:

To provide expert advice on the best residential aged care options available including:

  • Aged Care Homes
  • Independent Living and Retirement Villages
  • Purchasing a well-suited home
  • Renting a well-suited home
  • Respite Care options

How do we achieve this?With a combined 60 years of experience buying and selling property, the Templeton Property advisory team have built a network of allied property professionals to assist our clients to make smart property decisions.




  • Accountants; lawyers; conveyancing specialists; surveyors; quantity surveyors;
  • Selling agents; interior decorators; staging consultants; colour consultants;
  • Financiers and mortgage brokers; financial planners; builders;
  • Plumbers; electricians; handy persons; lock smiths; painters; tilers;
  • Aged care facility operators; retirement village operators etc.


How is templeton different

  • We are truly independent and do not receive any payments or referral commissions.
  • We’re a boutique business so we’re committed to providing a premium service and we only work with the best in each field.
  • We’re experienced in all aspects of leases and property contracts and we understand the importance of having a team of professionals to call upon, to assist in making smart property decisions.
  • We provide only the best advice to our clients and each client is treated with the utmost respect.

Templeton’s property experts are qualified and experienced professionals who live and breathe property throughout Brisbane. We’ve honed our skills over decades of valuing, buying and managing residential properties and as consultants to leading Australian banks and government bodies.