Our Buyer’s Agents and Advocates

Our Buyer’s Agents, also commonly called Buyer’s Advocates, are trained and experienced at researching, identifying, negotiating and purchasing residential property on your behalf. Our team of researchers, advocates and registered valuers are local property experts, who’s aim is to acquire on your behalf, the most suitable property available, for the best possible price. We also strive to have a longterm relationship with all our clients, over the life cycle of your property portfolio. More Information.

Flat Fee Versus Percentage

A large number of Buyer’s Agents in the Brisbane market charge a fee based on a commission structure, which is a percentage of the final purchase price. Therefore, the higher the price paid for the property, the higher the fee earned by the Buyer’s Agent.

At Templeton Property we charge a flat fee for our service up to $1,300,001 which is agreed upon up front and not subject to change unless the scope of the property being sought changes.

What Is The Cost of A Buyer’s Agent In Brisbane?

Whilst we cannot comment on what other Buyer’s Advocates in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast charge, we can certainly disclosure our fee structure. You will find that when you work with us we are fully transparent in everything we do.

Payment is made is 2 installments. The first payment is made upon signing of the POA Form 2 Agreement and the second and final payment is payable when the contract becomes unconditional.

This fee schedule covers: The City of Brisbane, City of Ipswich; Logan City; Moreton Bay Region and Redland City. Upon request a quote can be provided for purchases outside of this area.

This fee naturally excludes any legal, conveyancing, non standard searches and professional inspections such as for building and pest inspections etc. We can of course arrange this on your behalf or alternatively use your nominated provider.

Our Current Fee Schedule

Purchase Price

Full Service Fee 

$200,000  –  $400,000


$12,100 incl. GST


$400,001  –  $700,000


$14,300 incl. GST


$700,001  –  $1,000,000


$17,600 incl. GST


$1,000,001  –  $1,300,000


$20,900 incl. GST


 $1,300,001 +

Please contact us for pricing.


Coverage Area

We are regularly identifying and negotiating the purchase of properties throughout South East Queensland including within the following Local Government Areas: The City of Brisbane, City of Gold Coast, City of Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region, Shire of Noosa and Redland City. Upon request a quote can be provided for purchases outside of these area.

Map showing the coverage area of Templeton Property Buyer's Agents.

Map of the Templeton Property coverage area.

Customised Agency Services

We also offer customised services for clients that only require assistance with certain aspects of the Buyer’s Agency Process. For example: Due diligence of an already identified property or properties, negotiating or bidding at auction, pre settlement inspections, market analysis, divestment advice etc. Please contact our office for a fixed price quote based on your requirements.

Recent Testimonials

Michael O, Ascot 

“I had decided to appoint a Buyer’s Agent to help me find my new home because I’m quite time poor – my job takes me overseas for half of each month and I stand no chance of consistently making open house or auction days. After researching and talking to a number of agents in the Brisbane area, Sam Price from Templeton Property was the obvious choice for me. Not only was he readily contactable, positive about my plans and receptive to my guidance and suggestions, it was clear from the earliest of our conversations that he was very knowledgeable about the Brisbane real estate market and confident in his ability to find me the right house at the right price. This confidence and the faith I placed in Templeton Property soon proved to be well justified. Within a month of engaging his services Sam had profiled more than a dozen properties for me, all of which met the various key criteria I had decided were important. Of that dozen, it was only the second house I walked into with Sam that I knew, right away, had to be mine! With Sam’s help, I made an offer on it the very next business day and by the middle of the week I had a signed contract for sale.

This wonderful home was purchased by Brisbane's best Buyer's Agent Sam Price from Templeton Property.

This property was purchased by Sam Price from Templeton Property on behalf of their client.

Sam and Templeton Property guided me through the discovery, research and acquisition of my new home from start to finish and in nearly no time at all. The fee structure for all of this work was certainly competitive and fair and when compared to the amount of money involved in buying a home (and the potential cost of buying the wrong one), it simply paled into insignificance. I move into my new place in just three weeks and I can’t wait! I think anybody who is considering the purchase of their new investment or residential home and who hasn’t got the time or the expertise necessary to strike the best deal, or who lives in another place, should consider using the services of a Buyer’s Agent. In my mind, the best one in Brisbane is Sam Price from Templeton Property.”


Jo G, Hamilton 

“As new arrivals to Brisbane with a 1year old we knew it would be to find a new home.  We decided to employ a buyers advocate and after interviewing several we signed up with Sam from Templeton Property. This proved to be a very wise decision. Sam and the team at Templeton Property went out of their way to make us feel like their number one priority from the first day.  Sam guided us through the process of narrowing our search with specific criteria for not only the home we would be happy with but also the amenities that were important to us. 

As buyers advocates in Brisbane, this property was purchased at auction for our clients.

Sam Price from Templeton Property acted as the Buyer’s Agent to purchase this family home for their clients.

With such limited time to look at potential properties it was a blessing to have Templeton Property do all the leg work for us, finding potential properties, inspecting them and running a suitability analysis before referring them to us. When we found the house we wanted Sam was amazing. He supplied comprehensive easy to understand reports, arranged pest & building and plumbing inspections, liaised with the Real Estate Agent to have open times outside the scheduled inspection times and bid on our behalf at the auction.  We were very excited to have purchased our new home at a price lower than we expected, I believe in large, thanks to Sam’s bidding technique. I have no hesitation in recommending Templeton Property to any property buyer looking for a professional team that goes out of their way to ensure you find a property you are happy with.

Templeton’s property experts are qualified and experienced professionals who live and breathe property throughout Brisbane. We’ve honed our skills over decades of valuing, buying and managing residential properties and as consultants to leading Australian banks and government bodies.